March 7, 2012


To the people of Romania

Care of:

Mr. Doru Levi Ilioi

Scottsdale, AZ



Highest recommendation for the office of President of Romania


Dear Sir or Madam:


It is my recommendation that you strongly consider Mr. Doru Levi Ilioi as a strong candidate for

the President of Romania.

I have known Mr. Doru Levi Ilioi for many years and his integrity is of the highest quality and he

is a good family man with fantastic values.

He cares for others and a natural fit to care for the public’s interests. My relationship and

friendship with Mr. Doru Levi Ilioi is well founded and our group of banks, investment fund and

managers have special interest in developing Romania with the introduction of our planned

Green Mega Cities Globally.

We  hope to work with Mr. Doru Levi Ilioi in developing and investing in the economy of

Romania for the benefit of its great people. Attached please see what benefits our

Green Mega Cities offer.

We had a presentation for the Government of the Thailand. We can do the same in Romania

with our own funds invested to see the development completed.



Alexander Gilbert


Salvador Holdings International Corporation(SHIC)

Salvador Holdings International (Hong Kong) Limited

Units 1702-7, 17th

Floor, Far East Finance Centre,16 Harcourt Road, Admiralty, Hong KongEmail :




Business Overview

: ·

Salvador Holdings International Corporation (SHIC) was incorporated under the California Department of Corporations in August 1999. As an assetmanagement corporation, SHIC has grown to be a Real Estate Developmentand Project Management Funding Advisory group operating with its associatefirm, Salvador Holdings International (Hong Kong) Limited (SHI(HK)Ltd.) Thecompany has operated in China over the last four years and has negotiatedlarge land option agreements with City, Province and Regional authorities toobtain leased land holdings exceeding 160 Square Kilometers in theShandong Province of China for development; furthermore, SHIC hasdiversified its operations in the United States, to include planned MortgageBanking operations in California, Nevada, Arizona, Texas, Washington andFlorida.With such undertakings, SHIC and SHI(HK)Ltd. Has been awarded under custodial protocol agreements, assets exceeding Sixty Billion US Dollars inthe form of Corporate medium term notes and other assets. Options onMedium Term Notes are based on a T12 -14 master securities agreements.SHIC in the USA, and SHI (HK) Ltd in Asia have delegated much of theproject development concerns to Peddle Thorp and Associates, the largestforeign owned enterprise operating in China. They have on staff approximately 200 Architects and Builders whom have an outstanding recordof project completions and unique commercial large scale buildings. Our agreements with this firm are for complete turn key projects that are valuedassets for future corporate bond issues when we structure the refinance of such fixed assets. Some of the projects planned include the Panama SHIC Mega city projects.These type of development outlines are viewable on our web site:www.SHICRealty.comWith the courtesy of the Authorities of China, we havebeen permitted to engage these type of developments after the completion of our current projects with an estimated value of just over Five Billion USDollars in Asia. They have a wait and see approach to foreign developmentgroups such as SHIC.Our business is registered as Asset Managers and Real Estate DevelopmentAdvisors. We help with project finance in creating credit enhancementapproaches for project funding. We have many strategic partners in most of the development projects. Each project partner adds their holdings or assetsfor consideration of its relative value in the task of funding their particular projects.

Salvador Holdings International Corporation is owned primarily by its founder,Alexander Gilbert Baraona with 90% of the outstanding shares and 10% of the original shares were given as an offering to Harvest Bible Church, under Pastor Mark Butler of Stockton California. Much of the efforts and projectsundertaken by SHIC and SHI(HK)Ltd are influenced with Christian outreachefforts doing good to all mankind. We show people how to do well in and withtheir perspective micro economic climates for an effect and entry into theinternational capital markets via economic developments and plannedcorporate bond refinance.Salvador Holdings International (Hong Kong) Ltd. Is currently owned byAlexander Gilbert Baraona 100%.The main business activities, service and products we offer our strategicpartners in business is a equitable division in the pool of asset based fundingfrom the hypothecation of and asset management of working capital, so thateach participant is able to fund their humanitarian projects with a positiveimpact on the local economies where the developments are to take place.More precisely, our activities are asset management with a positive outcomeof investment working capital based on the hypothecation of margin ablesecurities, bonds or bank issued guarantees. Our service is to provide theplatform for the use of the assets in a manner that will yield the plannedoutcome of Real Estate development financing. Our product is the actualequity participation after the debt service has been retired through plannedcorporate bond issues with turnkey developments.Short term objectives include the hypothecation of MTN Bonds under optionagreements with a planned margin account that will permit the use of thefunds for short term trade transactions within the same bank operationsThe spread on the margin and assets under the account with PershingSecurities clearing with Bank of New York will be used for operationsconcerning our planned mortgage banking platform in the USA and PanamaMega Citiy developments.In the refinancing of our completed Asia projects under our turnkey portfoliostrategy, we will be able to retire the loan high leverage debts and all debtassociated with the current planned developments.Our long term objectives are to cycle the completed projects for further refinance and to make use of the equities within those turnkey projects infunding other operations such as the planned mortgage banking operations inthe United States.These blocks of assets will enable SHIC to further enhance its portfolio for thecreation of revolving credit lines that will aid hard working families inmaintaining their homes with low interest rate home loans under favorableunderwriting conditions. The mortgage debt equity and related securitiesmarket in the United States exceeds 16 Trillion US Dollars. Our long termobjective is to refinance properties with adjustable mortgages to fixedmortgages at a level of Three Billion every quarter through a network of mortgage brokers and credit unions.

Marketing/Sales on mortgage banking operations in the USA

:Within the United States, our targets for project financing are projects held byour strategic partners. They vary from commercial to residentialdevelopments. SHIC will focus mainly on the Mortgage Banking operationsand develop commercial strip malls to accommodate office expansion needsin various areas in key cities. On large scale developments, some large hotelsand condo developments are now being viewed. Abroad, SHI(HK)Ltd. Will engage commercial developments with its strategicarchitectural and builder partner. At present we have approximately FiveBillion US Dollar projects in various stages of development. Our equityposition with these turnkey projects are estimated at 50% project loan tovalue.Our strategy is simple, we identify good projects with good people andtogether under agreements, we formulate the appropriate approach for projectfunding and turnkey development refinance with corporate bond refinancing.The equity position is typically 35-50% from the original takeout fundingrequirements of the projects. Abroad the equity position is even larger as thelabor and land resources are much lower in costs. Also, the Chinagovernment promotes favorable financing terms as high as 6 to every 1 dollar invested in depressed economic areas for certain types of developments.SHIC client customer base under the planned Mortgage Banking operation isthe average working family in the United States. This will support thecommercial developments planned as well as support other developmentprojects now being considered. As each block of corporate bonds are inincrements of One Hundred Million US Dollar portfolios, SHIC will be able tomargin the blocks with its unique credit enhancement ability for the buy downof the created revolving warehouse mortgage credit lines. This will enableSHIC to meet its quarterly funding objectives and provide the working capitalto service and retire its debt on commercial paper.SHI(HK)Ltd is in a unique position with the low development costs and abilityto refinance the turnkey projects which are abundant in China today. With theopportunities for project funding at a rate in certain areas of 6 to every dollar invested by the local and central government, there is no shortage of projectsto engage. The best aspect of this is the retirement of the debt service. Withour credit enhancement ability, we are able to refinance the development debtwith the issuance of credit enhanced corporate ABS Bonds. Since this activitytakes place in the International Capital Debt Equity Bond Markets with aspecific ABS department of one of the large securities firms, our bonds are presold as they are underwritten.This permits SHI(HK)Ltd to move forward funding more projects not only inChina but also in the USA under the SHIC operations.



Existing competitors vary from investment bankers to firms seeking to invest inboth mortgage banking and Real Estate development. Competition is good for the economy as it keeps companies on the cutting edge of innovativeconcepts meeting its obligations and debt service requirements. This appliesto both companies abroad and in the USA


Strength of SHIC and SHI(HK)Ltd are that we have Ten point Nine Billionunder custodial protocol agreements. We have strategic partners with a validand practical plan that will enable us jointly to meet our objectives of soundbusiness developments in Real Estate, Mortgage Banking and AssetManagement on a revolving basis. Our methods and plans create a goodworking platform for continued growth and debt elimination as well asinvestment diversification with key decision makers in a central operation over the bureaucracies of corporate governance of our competition.

Market Segments


Market potential is great. In the United States, the RMBS and MBO market isin the Trillions concerning adjustable rate mortgages. Our objective is torefinance three Billion US Dollars in mortgages every quarter. This will keepus busy using our methods of maintaining our own revolving mortgagewarehouse credit lines


Abroad, the debt equity market in China concerning Real Estate developmentand bond refinancing is estimated up to 45 Trillion US Dollars which isvirtually untapped. This is better than any gold rush in history. All that isneeded is what SHIC and SHI(HK) Ltd has already accomplished. Thesethings have been stated above.


Salvador Holdings International Corporation (SHIC) is a strategic analysisadvisor to high net worth clients. Its purpose and focus is on AssetManagement, in it we offer expert advice in the use of assets that enableclients to meet their financial goals. As part of its Corporation values, Salvador Holdings International Corporation supports communities in which it does itsbusiness of asset management


In implementation of this corporate value, we have been responsible for developing and overseeing the strategic direction and operating priorities of the business of Humanitarian economic development. The direction andoperating priorities of the SHIC development plan include the use of SHICcorporate bond finance.SHIC is also responsible for managing the corporate finance function,including planning and budgeting, accounting and financial reporting, internalmanagement reporting, tax management, treasury acquisition and collateralenhancement operations and investor relations. We are also responsible for relationships with rating agencies, bondholders, insurance regulators and fullcompliance concerns with the Securities and Exchange Commission



Planned areas of focused development include:

Specialty Finance:

This involves a portfolio for Multi-lending, Commercial Real Estate,Residential builder finance, Mortgage Banking and

SHIC corporate bondfinance.Human Resource


This aspect is vital for our human capital strategy and the activities in talentacquisition, organizational design, leadership development, rewards andhuman resource operations. Home Loan & Insurance Services Group withinthe planned mortgage banking operations:Within SHIC’s executive team in the United States and abroad the HomeLoans & Mortgages servicing, operations, marketing, e-commerce, riskmanagement, finance, capital markets and human resources are managedeffectively cultivating all humanitarian development concerns that aremanaged under Joint Venture Asset Management agreements. Theseconcepts are well defined in the Panama SHIC Mega city plans.

Corporate technology Strategy


Management and application of technology and e-commerce across allbusiness lines and planned mergers & acquisitions of specific companies inAsia that support planned developments.

SHIC Enterprise Risk Management

Mr. Alexander Gilbert Baraona Chairman of the Board is responsible for Market Risk management, operational risk management, compliance, internalaudit, security, information security, business continuity planning, Surety BondInsurance risk management and regulatory relations; Furthermore, Mr.Baraona, monitors Corporate Marketing, Corporate Research, Developmentand Corporate relations.

Corporate Development and Strategic Planning:

SHIC Corporate development including acquisition, strategic planning, realestate investments and SHIC’s Strategic Capital Funds (Sanport1 fund,Gregorian Alchemy Fund and Grupo Mundial Fund); The funds act as acomplement to the SHIC’s business development and offer both outstandingreturn on investment and a fit with the SHIC financial placement vision.


Specifically to enable our clients to meet the financial objectives, SHIC / SHI(HK) Ltd in conjunction with strategic partners in each host nation were weplan the infrastructure and SHIC Mega City developments. has been able toformulate the proper banking platform that permits the use of bank heldAssets for further hypothecation in the creation of the Special PurposeBonds. These Bonds are the basis of the funding mechanisms that will permitus to actively finance Client Humanitarian projects without delay. Our vision isto actively manage sufficient capital resources that will enable SHIC toundertake a up to One Billion US Dollar Medium Term Notes daily commitment to properly fund planned USA Mortgage banking operations andthe SHIC Mega City and Infrastructure projects in Latin America and Asia over the next ten years, to cycle bonds directly related to Corporate Refinance andCorporate Capital Restructure.The basis of our planning involves the effective management current clientassets under management.

Board of Directors


Mr. Alexander G. Baraona

Chairman of the Board

Directors:Mr. Anthony ChanMr. James JabautMr. George Baraona

Corporate Officers


Mr. Alexander G. Baraona


Mr. George Baraona –


Mr. Song Jian Cheng –

CFO for operations in China

Mr. James Jabaut –

Corporate Secretary

Mr. Anthony Chan –

Corporate Controller and Director of PropertyManagementProfessionals Advisor


Mr. Peter Dworjanyn

-Main Principal Architect

Under Real Estate developments, project management and Management. Thenominated firm for all SHIC real estate matters in China is Peddle ThorpArchitects, Shenzhen office, Room 302 Building A, Ecological Square O.C.T.Shenzhen P.R. China 518053 Telephone (86) 755 2692 8866-78 Fax# (86) 755 2690 5186. firm employs over 200real estate development professionals.Mr. Jin Ni -SD & Partners, Law firm representing all legal interest of SHICChina: Lawyer (over 50 Lawyers available for assignments)


Address: 18-20F,Block B, The Pavilion, 4002 Huaqiang Road North, Shenzhen, P.R. China518028 Tel: (86) 755 8366 3333 Fax (86) 755-82075163Email: Web

Alexander Gilbert BaraonaChairman of the Board / CEOSHIC / SHI(HK) Ltd.